Rival Rodents

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Rival Rodents: Fight for Food Updated a winning screen with apple mode Updated enter button on menu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instructions:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You are a little brown hamster called Botaro living in a zoo and you are always hungry but so are your friends. You need to eat lot's of apples or else your health will drop to zero and you will die of starvation. This game is all about timing and jumping on your fellow rodent's heads. Get a highscore and submit it online. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The rules are simple: Apples will drop from the sky and you need to jump to catch them. The other rodents also like apples  so they will go after the apples too. Warning: Watch out for unhealthy food like choco bars, they will drop your health big time and won't live to tell about it. This Game contains the Mochiscore leaderboard Have Fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus Mode: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Bonus Mode you control the apple instead of the little brown hamster. The hamsters are controlled by the computer and you need to keep moving the apple or else they will eat you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls:Arrows = WalkArrow Down = Fall downShift = Jump ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by Ben Aprigliano 05-10-2010

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